Business Profile

General Business Information

- As Dedektor
- Mahmut Gecgin
- Sultantepe mh. Kirisci sk. No :6/a Uskudar / istanbul
- 0532 666 41 44

Business Details

- Registered since 2011 (Business active since 2008)
- Geophysical Metal Detectors; sale, service, advise
- Turkey Distributor of Lorenz deepmax, viy gpr and mars detector coils
- We do repair and supply parts for most detectors that we sell
- Turkey (Both Anatolia and Aegean regions)

Business Capacity

Human Resources

- We have 5 main dealers and over 20 sub-dealers in Turkey.
- Depending on seasonal needs, we do employ 10 direct and over 50 indirect


- We have over 200 metal detectors in stock and thousands of parts.
- In 2015, we sold close to 1000 metal detectors. In 2016, we are estimating to sell
over 1000 metal detectors.


- To help and teach amateur users, some of our employees write articles and answer
forum posts on (Over 17000 registered users and roughly 50000
unique visitors). Previously known as Also on facebook and twitter.
- We are an environment conscious company and we chose a green color theme for
our business and web site to reflect it.
- We are a proud sponsor of Sakarya Numismatic Organization.
- Turkey has over 80 million population. The land has hosted many civilizations. As a
company, we want to help people to discover the old cultural artifacts.